Health, Safety & Environment

Legacy Reserves is committed to protecting our environment, our community, and the health and safety of all affected by our activities throughout the lifecycle of our operations. Operating in a safe and environmentally conscious way is a fundamental, core value at Legacy Reserves – and we require the same from our Suppliers. We believe that no job is worth doing if it cannot be done in a reasonably safe or environmentally responsible manner.

HSE Commitment

Legacy Reserves has a vision and overarching goal of achieving a workplace free from health and safety hazards. To continually strive for improvement and accomplish of our goal of a harm-free work environment it takes concrete commitments and a team effort. This endeavor requires personnel from all aspects and levels of our organization to work together in an effort to establish safe work practices and reduce risk. Accomplishing these goals strengthens our entire operation, makes us more efficient, and leads to increased profitability and sustainability.

Our philosophy and commitment have led to the establishment of a robust company-wide Health, Safety, and Environment Management System, overseen by our HSE Leadership Committee. The Legacy Reserves HSE Leadership Committee monitors and provides strategic direction and support to our HSE Corporate Working Group regarding the company’s HSE Management System, policies, procedures, reporting metrics, and overall safety performance.

Legacy Reserves carefully considers safety performance and work quality when we employ or contract with individuals or companies to take part in our operations. We also require all individuals involved in our operations meet the same safety performance standards required of Legacy Reserves employees. This commitment begins with Legacy Reserves Executive Management and is shared throughout our entire organization.

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HSE Policy

Our Legacy Reserves Health, Safety, and Environment Management System supports and integrates our Core Values. We expect each of our employees and contractors to be fully committed to our HSE Management System and the vision of a harm-free workplace approach. We believe we all have a responsibility to protect our most valuable assets—our people and our communities.

Our efforts to meet our HSE objectives are accomplished through:

  • Commitment to a harm-free workplace culture that supports our Core Values and HSE objectives, which in turn leads to reduced costs, increased profitability and sustainability, and a culture committed to excellence.
  • Commitment to providing comprehensive training related to our HSE Policy, HSE Management System, standards, procedures, and performance objectives and measures.
  • Each of us being responsible for and committed to the health and safety of ourselves, our teams, our communities, and all those who support our operations.
  • Assessing and minimizing our impact on the environment through appropriate processes and procedures.
  • Acting in accordance with regulatory requirements where we operate, supported by internal and external audits.
  • Conducting our business responsibly within the communities where we operate.
  • Responding to emergencies in accordance with our Emergency Response Plan.
  • Promoting partnership and collaboration with our suppliers and contractors to ensure HSE processes and procedures deliver sustainable success.
  • Integrating HSE processes into the design and engineering of our assets and services.
  • Maintaining stakeholder confidence through clear communication.

HSE Core Values

Harm-Free Approach

Legacy Reserves has a vision and overarching goal of achieving a workplace free from health and safety hazards. No number of injuries are acceptable in our view and Legacy Reserves is focused on continuous safety improvement through awareness and risk reduction.

The Legacy Reserves Family

Like a family, employees of Legacy Reserves have deep roots in our communities and this promotes a sense of loyalty and long-term thinking. People come first at Legacy Reserves. With teamwork and safety so critical on the job, people must look out for each other every day.

People Come First

It all starts in the field. Legacy Reserves succeeds because our people in the field get the job done and safely, even in the face of conditions that are difficult at times. Our people know that from their continuous training to the strong support of our executive management, a world-class company stands behind them.

Desire to Be the Best

Legacy Reserves strives to be the highest value performer in all its operations and wants its personnel to share and support that goal.